Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blood, Blood, Glorious blood!

It's a strange experience watching your very own blood coursing unhindered through you very own veins (notice an exception to, i before e). Spelling matters to me, probably not as much as coursing blood, but it do. I was really surprised that the blood I could see, dashing along at furious speed, was red. I had no delusions of grandeur, I just assumed that an ultrasound picture would be monochrome. Not so, huge gouts of beautifully healthy red liquid, full of corpuscles, white cells, red cells. I felt like cheering, but any movement was met by the stern words, bouge pas. I bouge pasd. There is a certain aura exuded by les hopitals, les docteurs, et les infirmiers, that ensures instant and total obedience. I was pronounced tres bien, and told to allez chez vous. So nous sommes alles chez nous. It was definitely red, not blue. But it were Glorious tha knows!!!

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Claire said...

i would have assumed the same

glad you're good!